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natural marigold salve

Natural Skincare for Chemo/Radiation Patients


Our top 10 suggestions for chemical-free skincare before, during,
and after chemotherapy or radiation.

Whether you’re a FIGHTER or a CAREGIVER,
take care of yourself or take care of someone else
with 100% Natural, Chemical Free,
Cruelty-Free, Gluten Free, PURE Goodness.

1. Baby Lotion – Using avocado, shea butter, lavender, and hints of vanilla. A sweet treat for baby’s delicate skin and for mommy too! Great for dry skin and keeping the skin protected and soft.

2. Cooling Body Mist – Hot Flashes beware! Keep refrigerated for an extra chill!

3. Essentially Healing – Essential Oil Set contains Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Lemon Oil, and Peppermint Oil. Our Essential Oils are pre-diluted and ready to use. May purchase individually or as a set.

4. Marigold ‘Therapeutic’ Hand & Body Lotion and/or Marigold Salve – Active Ingredient: 5% Calendula Officinalis. Enjoy the benefits of the calendula herb, commonly known as ‘garden marigold’ in a lotion or a concentrated salve. Recent studies have found that it helps with skin conditions such as eczema, scars, rashes, and more!

5. Natural Deodorant Cream – utilizes fine baking soda & aloe vera powder, lavender & spearmint essential oils to fight odor and bacteria. Soothing shea butter nourishes and protects sensitive skin OR our NO BO Deo Cream – For those who struggle with a sensitivity to baking soda, Daisy Blue’s No B.S. (baking soda) Deodorant Cream is for you.

6. Purely ‘Unscented Body Bar Soap’ / Purely Lotion / Purely Lotion & Soap Set – The purest of the pure! Unscented for those with sensitivities to essential oils or fragrances. May purchase individually or as a set.

7. Shea Butter Healing Balm – Use for skin irritations, burns, bites, bruises, diaper rash, skin rashes, scars, and more! Safe for all ages.

8. Sleep Easy Pillow Mist – Mist 2-3 pumps around your bed and pillow. Most people may experience a more relaxed night sleep within 2 days of use.

9. Tea Tree Lip Balm – Antibacterial and antiviral OR Vitamin E Lip Balm – Purely flavor-free, natural goodness!

10. Vitamin E Oil – Ultra concentrated yet lightweight body oil.